Beetroot Juice Is Helpful If You Suffer From Arthritis - But?

 Beetroot Juice Is Helpful If You Suffer From Arthritis - But?

"Before i take any medicines i consult a doctor, even if they are supplements". 

Above is a comment written on one of my blogs today.  This is very sound advice. It’s also sound advice to take all things in moderation, especially after a recent experience.

However, if I told you that you should consult a doctor before eating beetroot, then you would think that I was crazy. In fact you will find a blog post, Beetroot, One of The Best Diet Remedies for Arthritis advocating the benefits of eating beetroot and drinking the juice and I stand by this.

Indeed this is a good deal of research backing the health giving effects of beetroot and its juice, but please read on.

3 years ago my son bought me a Vita Max juicer for Christmas and we have enjoyed either fresh fruit or vegetable juice on a daily basis – you can’t beat the taste.

We grow our own beetroots and because my son wished to clear a bit of space in the garden, we decided to pull up the few remaining beetroots for juice.  Normally, I use 2 small beetroots mixed with half a cucumber, a couple of tomatoes, a few celery sticks and 3 carrots.  This time we used 9 small beetroots and 6 carrots – a mug of juice for each of us.

It was really tasty!

Perhaps I should mention that the soil they were grown in was completely organic, so no residues of anything that there shouldn’t be in these vegetables.

15 minutes later my husband was the first to say that he wasn’t feeling too well, I had also notice that my throat felt raw, it was really difficult to swallow and I could hardly speak. I asked my son if his throat was alright and he also said that his felt funny.

Although particularly uncomfortable, the effects wore off within an hour.

It did however prompt me to do an Internet search to see if there were any known side effects from drinking beetroot juice, which led to me discovering some interesting information on the subject.

It appears that although beetroot juice is widely recognised by the medical profession as a treatment for arthritis, hypertension, lowering blood pressure and detoxifying, the liver, blood and kidneys. 

BUT, it is really important to dilute the juice, as we are not the only ones to have experience these side effects and it can in some instances cause temporary paralysis of the vocal cord and constrict the throat so that you find it difficult to breath.

This may be due to an allergic reaction to the beetroot juice or because it contains nitric acid that can also cause the blood vessels to dilate, increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. The Hypotension can cause  a shortness of breath.

I will still continue to grow beetroots and enjoy eating them raw, cooked and drinking the juice, but in the future the juice will always be well diluted.

If you have any true life experiences that readers could benefit from and would like to add a post on my blog, then please email me. You are welcome to add a link to your website.

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